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Nature’s Pride “Bilkas Valley Resort” is located 60 kms from Nashik & 14 Kms from peth & 18 kms from bilkas village in the lap of Nature. Bilkas Valley Resort & its surroundings offer all the pleasures of a hill station with Scenic beauty & totally villiage ambience & food.

The resort is easily accessible being at a comfortable distance from Mumbai and Nasik. Bilkas Valley Resort offers wonderful facilities and amenities, tongue tickling cuisine and comfortable accommodation.

The moment you enter Bilkas Valley Resort you experience a sense of tranquility. The soothing to the eyes greenery,the placid waterfall ,the silvery sky, the invigorating fresh air and the peaceful atmosphere transport you to a world of pure joy and happiness, with all your senses aware, alert and awake the mind becomes calm, the body relaxes and you are fresh and worries disappear. A stay at Bilkas Valley Resort is guaranteed to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. You can now face the world with renewed enthusiasm and the zest for life. No motive,no direction, but letting the universe breathe in and out of your sense, with that immense power and quietitude that only unsullied nature has. The Resort has facility for Accommodation where you can stay peacefully in a nature blessed Environment.


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